Wednesday 17 February 2010

Photos from the Foundation House Site

First Photos from the Foundation House Site. It might look like a game of rounders!, but we are just working out a starting plot of approx. 6m sq. More details to follow.

Wednesday 10 February 2010

Transition Town meeting 9th February 2010

Brief discussion about the Community Food Gardens at last night's TTL meeting.

  • Maggie proposed that we submit a small grant claim to ELDC for £250 to purchase resources needed for the initial set up of the Foundation House garden. All agreed to proceed.
  •  Maggie has drafted a letter, targeting Louth businesses for donations of required equipment, etc. It was also suggested that we produce a flyer that we could letterbox drop at homes within the neighbourhood of the garden, asking for help, interest, support, old tools! Also list wants on Freegle.
  • Bob passed on contact names of Staff members at KEVIs who would be able to help with the project.
  • Meeting set for Wed 17th to confirm initial requirements and project time line.

Monday 8 February 2010

A vision

Here is an idea.
On any site that we are going to be offered to have a community food growing garden there will be some factors which are not ideal for food growing. A slope, shade, bad soil, overhanging trees, bad access,rabbits, etc etc.The Foundation House site shares many of these problems in different parts of the plot.
But in the real world of people's gardens and allotments these are the problems they have to deal with. None of the situations I have mentioned above would mean no food could be grown, it is just a matter of the careful design of that particular type of plot.
Maybe this is what we could do with a community food growing garden in Louth. We could demonstrate that it doesn't matter what your garden or growing space is like there is a way that it could be used to grow food. The plot could be divided up in relation to the type of issues that that area will present. A section under the trees, a section on the steepest slope, etc.
Then a food growing garden to suit those conditions could be built in that area so show people it is possible.
Just an idea...