Thursday 22 September 2011

Horncastle Edible Gardens

Sorry this is a bit delayed but thought you'd like to see some snaps of the
Transition Town Horncastle's edible garden open day on Sunday 11th September.
Alison and I spent a very enjoyable afternoon checking out other folks
back yards. Unfortunately we couldn't get round all of them but we did meet some really nice people who were passionate about growing their own.. So congratulations due to Rose,Claire,Alison,Polly and all for making it happen and for supplying me with vegan muffins to complete the bike ride home!... perhaps we could get a similar event going in Louth?

Jo and friends on the Master Gardener stall at the Jobson Rd Community garden

This was the view from Fulletby Top on the way home

Sunday 4 September 2011

"How long will it last"

The Gatherums veg boxes look good, two families tasted the chard, lettuce and marigolds and took some home. Several people said, "Still there, how long will it last?" and looked very worried when I suggested that we wanted people to help themselves. So if you read this and want some veg please keep taking the outer leaves. If they are dry there is a watering can behind the water butt.
A new sign is needed I think!
Behind KEVIGS we harvested onions, beans, cabbage and chard as the rain started and completed the watering.