Welcome to LCFG

We are a sub group of Transition Town Louth, a voluntary organisation which exists to raise awareness on the impact of Climate Change and Peak Oil to our community.
The aim of this sub group is simply to encourage and inspire the people of Louth to grow their own food. We intend to do this through the creation of community food gardens in and around Louth town. We hope the gardens will be a safe haven for everyone, young and old, to share in the community re-skilling of home food production and consumption. All produce will be grown under organic principles and the resultant harvest will be shared within the community, to be freely given or be used in fundraising activities.
Initially we need volunteers to help the project take shape (spade work required!) We have some areas of land available but will be pleased to hear of any other areas that might be suitable for such a project. If you know of possible sites that can have public access, are suitably positioned for food growing and have an easy supply of water, then please let us know. You can leave a comment on the blog or email lcfg@fastmail.fm
Thanks Maggie, James, Alison, Nick, Sarah, Jude, Noel & Janet