Monday 25 July 2011

More pics from Foundation House

We had a lovely hour and half in the Foundation House garden on Sunday, harvesting and transplanting veg. I've loaded a selection of piccies for you to admire..particularly Noel's tribute to the final flight of the space shuttle...well it looks like a rocket to me!

Gatherums deep beds

Here is a piccie of finished deep beds in the far so good!
Had some really positive comments from passers by and some negative ones on the likelihood of vandalism. Will it become a target for wanton destruction? who knows..what I do know is that this project has already engaged local residents in conversation with people they previously didn't know. Hopefully this will be the start of a number of similar "Grow your own" plots around the footpaths of Louth.

And yes, I realise the plaque I fitted on Sunday isn't dead centre.. I shall manfully resist the considerable urge to move it.

Tuesday 19 July 2011

The Gatherums

We arrived with 8 barrows of topsoil and a flat tyre to find the plants had been re arranged by mystery supporters. Ten minutes working and the mystery was solved. Chloe and Leo arrived full of enthusiasm, creativity and just a touch of chaos!
So now we have spinach, lettuce, chard, strawberries, marigolds, spring onions, kale ready to grow and soon harvest.
Plus so many conversations and debates about whether or not they will be there in the morning. I believe they will, but maybe re arranged just a little.
Come and see the planting add your comments.

Sunday 10 July 2011

Can you dig it?

We had a very pleasant hour or two in the garden today, harvesting,weeding and digging 9 barrowloads of lovely top soil! The soil is destined for the "Gatherums" raised beds which we are planning to install Thursday 14th July 4pm onwards. "The Gatherums" are accessible from the rear of Queen St car park in Louth. You are very welcome to join us
and start Louth's very own "Footpaths of food".
We will also be on Mercer Row during the "St James Food Festival" on Sunday 17th July

Wednesday 6 July 2011

The Gatherums

The herbs are spreading and pulling the weeds out was a sensory delight! They are big enough to take a few leaves for a cup of tea so do try!
Noel's theory that Sunflowers gain strength if they are not supported is working so far!
Herbs planted are; echinacea, thyme, rosemary and oregano but there is space for more if anyone has a spare herb or even two!

Sunday 3 July 2011

July 3rd

A few hours watering, harvesting and light trowelling! Hardly a weed in sight but plenty of veg to collect.
Broad beans, strawberries, garlic, beetroot, spinach ready this week and more of all these plus broccoli next Sunday, from about 11.00 am for a couple of hours, everyone is welcome.
There have been a few problems with one patch, the courgettes disappeared and in the same space Sunflower plants have been eaten. It is last years potato plot, might there be a connection?
Carrot seeds failed to germinate earlier in the season so we have retried, adding a little sand to the bed, James thinks carrots like to be by the sea!

Wednesday 6th at 2 pm we are in The Gatherums for a short time to water and weed, again everyone welcome. The following week we hope to add three deep beds for vegetables and fruit for you to collect on the way through. Look on the blog for the planting day.

17th July in the St james food market Transition Town Louth and teh Community Garden will have a stall with a veg swap, edible flowers and more.