Sunday 28 March 2010

Day 2 at Foundation House

We prepared some more fruit beds today and planted out Blackcurrant bushes, we also had some very useful help on the potato planting and top soil retrieval!
Next jobs are to establish water butts around the site and continue with the planting of onions...lots of other exciting things too that hopefully someone else will clarify on the blog!

Nick finishing off the sowing of the broad beans, we covered the bed with fine nylon netting hoping that this might  rodent interest..we shall see!
 End of day , blackcurrant bushes on the right hand bed.
Thanks again to all who came to help today , we shall be back in the garden Wed 4-6pm.

Sunday 21 March 2010

First day of spring!

We had a great start today, setting the first plots of the garden at Foundation House.
Here is Nick expertly cutting away the first turf with a Chillington Hoe.

                                          The wood for the beds arrives, thanks to Biff.

The magnificent dozen! 

That's Jackie in the deckchair on supervisory duties, after a hard dig of the nearby mulch pit.

Nearly finished , the three beds furthest left with freshly planted raspberry canes and rhubarb crowns.
In the centre the raised beds filled with topsoil from the nearby nettle patch all ready for planting. To the right the we've laid out cardboard on the de turfed plots for further fruit planting.

Thanks to everyone that helped to bring about such a fantastic transformation in just a few hours. We will be at the Earth Hour Gig at the British Legion in Louth this Saturday 27th, hoping to raise a bit of cash to buy posts and mesh to temporarily rabbit proof the raised beds. See you there!

Monday 8 March 2010

First Jobs

We have been donated rhubarb crowns, black currant bushes, strawberry plants and raspberry canes, all that could do with planting asap.
Also we have been donated a strain of garlic that does well in this country but it needs to go in soon so it can have the cold it needs to develop cloves, and a long enough growing period to make sizable bulbs. Hopefully we can get the fruit in and the garlic bed made at our next session to be confirmed shortly...