Sunday 26 June 2011

Strawberry ripe!

I had a busy 10minutes picking a lovely crop of strawberries..let me know if you'd like some..but best be quick, they are delicious!

Weeded and generally tidied things up a bit, also took a load of photos to show how the garden's growing.

Everything seems to be doing well apart from the squash which seems a bit slow this year, perhaps the warmer weather will help. We also have a bed that despite numerous sowings of carrot/parsnip and lettuce fails to do very much at all. It's not a raised bed so not one that was filled with the lovely top soil from the nettle bed, so perhaps it's too "clayey"( is that a word?).

Broccoli & Onion bed

Broad beans, cabbage & lettuce "sand bag", kale, spinach & beetroot and mystery plant that eventually became a fox glove!