Sunday 23 January 2011

Mission accomplished! We've moved the front row of beds to the rear of the plot, and replanted all of the fruit bushes. A big effort by everyone that came , particularly Janet K who, as you can see from the photo, just couldn't stop digging!

Special mention to two visitors from Romania who just arrived in time to help make light work of the barrowing! Thanks M & M you were a great help!

Saturday 22 January 2011

Tomorrow in the garden

Hello everyone, just to confirm we'll be in the garden tomorrow from midday till about 3.
The weather looks ok, so we should be able to move the beds and fruit bushes, ready for
the builders.
Hope to see you there!

Sunday 9 January 2011

Plotting 2011

We met at the garden today to make a few decisions for this year. One of the most pressing is the disruption to the garden as and when extensions are built on the back of foundation house. Luckily we met a gentleman there who had plans for the work and some idea of how much space would be needed. The conclusion being that the first row of raised beds and fruit trees would have to be moved. The herb spiral will need relocating too. This information spurred us on to action whilst the weather was good.
We've transplanted the garlic, the raspberries and disassembled the wood surrounds to all the raised beds that are affected.
We managed to get a small harvest of parsnips and celeriac, then adjourned to the pub to decide on what to grow this year. Our wish list is for:
Broad beans
Runner beans

We want a salad bed with lettuce,rocket etc.

We also want to create extra colour with Marigold,Cornflower etc.

Think we might need a bigger garden!

I've amended the planting planner on the right hand side of the blogsite, click on it if you want to see the initial proposals.

Our aim is to meet on Sunday January 23rd, weather permitting, to finish off the moving of the beds to the rear of the plot to create a permanent home for the fruit trees. We could do with as many hands as possible to ease the load so please pop down if you're free..midday onwards.

Thursday 6 January 2011

Meeting 9th January

We're planning on working in the garden this Sunday about midday. We need to tidy up ,decide best course of action with moving beds before builders arrive and talk about seed order. Shouldn't take too long and we can always withdraw to the pub if weather
turns inclement.
Hope to see you there!