Monday 22 August 2011

Mad dogs and Englishmen!

Here are photos of the recently installed raised bed off Church St, Louth.

After much litter picking, nettle clearing, soil moving and bed making, Alison, Eddie and I had the pleasure of planting out and watering in our lovely leek seedlings just opposite the busy zebra crossing on Church St.

Various passers by in cars and on foot cast us a wary eye, unsure about what was going on, but those who were brave enough to approach a caged, beetroot faced, spade wielding madman, were pleasantly supportive of my breathless explanation.
It would be good to get a larger area going if possible so if you're interested
in taking it further let me know...I'll shall be offering moral support from the comfort of a deckchair!
Here is a view of the area from the other side, there really is an interesting diversity of wildlife to enjoy.