Sunday 27 February 2011

We made the most of the fair weather (before the hail!) and put together another bed fence. We chose bed no.5 which has the remainder of the leek crop and the freshly planted broad beans. We also mulched the fruit and rhubarb beds which are showing promising signs of growth. The garlic bed now has about half of the transplanted bulbs sprouting so perhaps we won't have lost as many as we originally thought. Weather permitting will be back there next Sunday midday, hope to see you there!

Monday 21 February 2011

Fencing in the beds

We had a short (very cold!) visit at the garden yesterday and put the idea for a more permanent fence around the beds into practice. The two end panels are fixed to the posts (locally sourced douglas fir) but the longer side panels are attached by rubber straps (recycled inner tube!)
so they are quickly detached for access. Hopefully the bunnies won't gnaw through the straps! We've also sown the broad beans in half of bed 5. Weather permitting we'll be back next Sunday midday onwards to make a few more bed protectors.

Sunday 13 February 2011

We have potted some shallots and placed them into the freshly lidded cold frame (still needs a bit of work on that!) We moved the remaining bags of topsoil, laid out some of the green plastic treads on the, getting quickly muddy, footpaths and repaired the shed door. You can see the builders fence which now runs the length of the plot. For future reference access to the site will soon only be from the playing field gate off the footpath that runs between Crowtree Lane and the Horncastle Rd.

The last job of the day was the engineering genius that is the temporary rainwater harvester!

Sunday 6 February 2011

Noel, Janet and Alison wheelbarrowed numerous loads of the donated top soil to create another spare bed for the garden..number 22. The first of the transplanted garlic bulbs is beginning to show itself so we're hoping that they'll all follow suit!
Maggie, Alison and Eddie cleared out the shed and we all decamped to the pub to discuss possibilities for other potential sites for food gardens. I've revised the planting plan layout for the site, which is now on the link to the right of this page. Nick has kindly obtained the seeds for us, so hopefully we'll be sowing them soon and then watching the garden transform from brown to green!