Monday, 25 January 2010

Foundation House Progress

Had a meeting tonight at Maggie's house, with Maggie,Nick,Nisha, Noel, Janet, James, Kat & Bella.
Discussed general aims of this sub group and a more detailed plan for the Foundation House site off Crowtree Lane. A wish list was created which would initially:
  • Make the site rabbit proof.
  • Create up to 8 raised beds in approximately a quarter of the space available.


  1. Let's get digging!

  2. Well done Bella (and the rest of you).

  3. And it is going to happen! We also need tools,composters, a greenhouse, organic seeds, water butts. . . And your ideas!

  4. In this world of material excess I don't think the garden will have a problem finding material resources.
    What is far more valuable is peoples' time.
    I think the commitment of just seven hours a week should be enough to manage this garden. That could be 2 people at 3.5 hours a week, seven people at one hour, 14 at half an get the idea. So even if you can only commit to half an hour once a week it would be helpful.

  5. ...well, the first quarter of it anyway!

  6. exactly! the thing the community should know is that there's another 3/4 for them to play with! xx

  7. Good to hear Stephanie Ladley is interested, we told her about it at the permaculure course.
    Spoke to Ashley Wells manager of Focus DIY re. donating materials. He suggested we send him a letter headed letter explaining our project with a wish list.


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