Sunday, 23 May 2010

Mad dogs and English folk

It was really was too hot for manual work at the garden today but we didn't let that stop us!
Here is Noel making two new beds for even more lovely vegetables..not sure what just yet!

 Eddie harvesting nettlesMosaic in progress

We continue to be thoroughly impressed with our lovely broad bean crop and runner beans in the mini cloche are coming on nicely.

Hoping we can make some progress with more rabbit proof fencing soon, sadly we lost all of the sunflower plants and some herbs to our little bunny friends over the last few days.
We sampled some of the lettuce today which have filled out really well, looks like our temporary bunny proof wire is working on those beds at the very least!

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  1. When it is hot like this mulching really pays dividens. It massively reduces the amount of watering required and allows biological activity to carry on happening right to the soils surface making the soil more fertile.The bigger the plants the courser the material you can mulch with.Those nettles Eddie was harvesting would make a good mulch for between the broad beans and fruit bushes, where as the onions only need a very thin mulch of fine grass cuttings.

    The lettuce can be frequently stripped back to just six or so central leaves giving a continual crop. If you leave them to get too big they will think it is time to flower and the leaves will go bitter.
    There is a tray of celeriac waiting here for one of those new beds, plus some tomatillos if you want to give them a try, and pretty much as many squash plants as the garden can handle!
    All things being well we shall bring courgettes, squash and sweetcorn next Sunday. The squash and courgettes thrive in a soil rich in organic matter. Instead of digging it in we can put it on the surface and let the worms do the digging!
    See you next week,


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