Monday, 21 June 2010

Summer solstice surprise!

 Look what we found on Sunday! we hadn't realised we had a cauli among the cabbages.  

We also planted out some peppers and made a cloche, then used the remainder of the bed to plant out the runner beans. We made a bunny proof screen with the salvaged plastic matting we found when we first started on the site. 

The first strawberries were consumed, very tasty they were too!

Here's a photo of the broad beans being planted in March
And here they are now!
Quite a transformation!

Hope to see you for the "Music in the Garden" event during Louth Music Festival Week. We shall be at the garden from 3pm on Sunday the 4th July, so come and join us to share in a musical celebration of the garden and all of the lovely produce that's growing there. Please bring food & drink to share, and we shall make something nutritious and (hopefully) delicious from any crop that's ready for harvest!

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