Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Ready for harvest we have cabbages, broad beans, peas, blackcurrants and herbs with courgettes, squash, onions, sweet corn and potatoes ready soon, it's productive in the garden and some ready for swaps at the Summer Fayre. Any solution to the many little black flies on the squash they seem to be doing little harm so shall we leave them in peace?


  1. Hi Maggie,
    I've got some blackfly on my broad beans which have spread onto the courgette plant. I've read that you can just wash them off. Are there squash showing already? I'll be at the garden tomorrow tea time, and Saturday 5pm ish
    See you soon

  2. Hi Maggie,
    In my experience as long as you have something attracting in beneficial insects into the garden(like those marigolds I sent in) then the black fly will be short lived. I would leave alone until there is real signs of problems(like yellowing in the plant , sooty mould, or a really thick infestation of flies), then just rub off with your fingers.
    They may also just be pollen beetles?

    Also, remember to leave some beans for seed next year and let one of each lettuce go to seed. Buying seed each year is unavoidable for some things but lettuce and beans are really easy to save seed from.

  3. If they're little shiny black beetles they're just after the pollen and do no hard to the plant. When you cut the crop put in a dark room and leave a window/door open with light and they'll fly to the light.

  4. Think they are just after the pollen, those brilliant yellow flowers are so enticing! Have you looked at the planting plan? New ideas always welcome! Think as Biff said we are a bit late for the parsnips so need alternative ideas. Kohl rabi? Or .......?

  5. I have just sown some parsnips so I shall let you know how they get on for next year. Turnips are a definite though this time of year, also bulbing fennel if you fancy it.


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