Sunday, 9 October 2011

We made compost!

Until you've made your own compost it's hard to imagine the strong emotional
bond that is formed with a pile of rotting organic matter as it tumbles
from the base of the compost bin...we made soil, real plant growing soil!!

We had a good 3 hours in the garden today and we...

Harvested chard, beetroot, and onions
Planted garlic bulbs
Sowed some winter tares (a green manure that we've put round the blackcurrant
bushes and in bed 5).
Transplanted strawberry runners into bed 22
Swept up 3 wheelbarrow of leaves and caged for mulch production
Transplanted the cardoon in the herb bed..hope it's ok!
Spread remaining horse manure around rhubarb.
Discovered compost!!

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