Sunday, 16 December 2012

In the deep midwinter!

We had a great day today, planting out three Lincolnshire heritage apple trees at the Charles St community garden. Fine specimens of Barnack Beauty, Allington Pippin and Sleeping Beauty were supplied by Shaun D'Arcy-Burt of Manby and settled into their new home in bright winter sunshine. The trees were funded from the estate of the late David Fleming and are dedicated to his memory. David was a founder member of the Ecology Party, an inspiration to the Transition Town movement and a great friend of Biff & Jean.

 We also prepared and planted out a wildflower patch alongside the fence. A variety of plants were donated by Biff & Jean including, cowslips, willow herb, pink campion, mullein, foxgloves and Alison's contribution Verbascum virgatum, aka twiggy mullein !
All in readiness to impress the 2013 East Midland in Bloom Judges...all the local passers by...and most importantly the BEES!

Look at that lovely Russian Kale!


  1. Thanks are also due to Mark Schofield and the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust for supplying the cowslips and the thirty plus species of wildflower seeds that will be sprouting in the springtime.

    For a personal take on the day see

  2. Great to hear the seeds and cowslip plants have found a very worthy home. I hope the wildflowers bring you better yields with healthier pollinator populations and are successful in encouraging the diversity that will act as biological pest control for your crops!


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