Friday, 24 September 2010

Cloddygate raspberries and more!

Collected 7 Autumn fruiting raspberries, 3 blackcurrant bushes . 4 caulifower plants, 1 Jerusalem artichoke and four tender leaved broccoli this morning. Thank you to Cloddygate Farm!
Did a quick prune and heeling in of the bushes and planted the other plants. The bushes are in the school plot and the beetroot plot temporarily.
Jobs that need doing , in the next few weeks ,I think are ;
Harvesting the potatoes, beetroot, spinach, celery, green beans, sweet corn and squash and the last few courgettes
Pruning the old stems from the raspberries
Planting the bushes in more permanent positions
Tidying and harvesting from the herb spiral
Collecting leaves for the compost.
I shall go next on Sunday after The Ramblers so probabaly about 3 pm if anyone is about.

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