Monday, 27 September 2010

Mud, mud and potatoes

Noel and Janet were the first to brave the mud and unearthed a super crop of potatoes before the rest of us arrived. We harvested celery, spinach, squash, beetroot and courgettes and moved the raspberrise to the plot where the potatoes were. The Jerusalem Artichoke looks very unhappy after its move so let's hope it recovers.
We shall soon have bare earth again and will be looking for ideas and or manure!


  1. When did we put Jerusalem artichokes in? I must have missed that..

  2. Good harvest. The celery will take a certain amount of frost so the outside stems can be picked throughout the winter for use in stews ans soups.
    It is nearly time to plant garlic and autumn planted shallots, a bed could be given over to each of those. I have the seed bulbs here.I also have a load of asparagus seedlings I have been growing on over the summer. Fancy an asparagus bed?
    The salad crops like Mizuna and Rocket will germinate now and give a crop over the autumn. Lettuce is worth a go aswell. It grows slower as the light levels and temperatures drop so a large sowing will provide a modest return but still better than having an empty bed. I have much seed here.(tip I learned this year, a mulch of grass cuttings surrounding the newly sown seed reduces slug damage)

  3. The Artichoke was a present from Cloddygate and someone told me it needs to flower before we can sample. It has to recover from the move first I think!

  4. Is it a Globe or Jerusalem? Globe are like giant thistles, Jeruasalem more like sun flowers.


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