Friday, 8 October 2010

Souper day!

We had an awareness raising session in Louth Market Place today, I managed to make some moderately interesting soup out of the squash,celery,onions and herbs from the garden.
We distributed that freely to market shoppers( about 24 cups of soup by my reckoning).
Maggie, Noel and Eddie handed out flyers and generally spread the word.

Max Griffin of Griffin Memeorials came down with son Billy and handed over the new slate sign he has made and donated for the garden. We hope the sign will be fixed somewhere near the Crowtree lane entrance to the garden to help direct people to the gardens.
It really is a lovely sign with skilfully etched lettering on green slate..Thanks Max!


  1. The soup was more than moderately interesting, twas delicious!

  2. Seconded on the soup!
    Anyone want to learn about the lifecycle planting methods and growing conditions for producing bulb garlic then get in touch to arrange a date and we can plant some together at the garden before the end of the month.

  3. Hi Nick,
    Count me in for garlic tutorial!
    I'm hoping to be there this Sunday middayish, any good
    for you?

  4. Fungi Foray on the Dunes Sunday from 10am so don't think I could make 12...


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