Wednesday, 11 May 2011

"Leeks and All That" March 11th

Welcome Nathan to the garden! We planted herbs, battled through the building site to water and harvested leeks and a little rhubarb.
The squash, courgettes and runner beans we planted on Easter Sunday are growing well, so we risked leaving the lid off the cold frame. Thank you Sara for Sunflower seedlings as well they are safe in there.
Anytime anyone has time to water then the cans are back in the shed and there is water in the blue butt!
An early post! On Sunday 22nd May we are going to have a picnic and open day. Bring some food and come along with musical instruments! Nathan is bringing his guitar. We shall post or email the time soon.
The herbs in The Gatherums are looking good and James has added a smart sign on slate.

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