Monday, 23 May 2011

Picnic in the garden..and a bit of music too!

Despite the windy and slightly damp conditions we had a lovely few hours at the garden yesterday with new friends, Alexa, Gavin and Nathan.
We did lots of thinning, transplanting and sowing and prematurely harvested one bed of garlic.. don't ask why!
We ate lettuce straight from the wheelbarrow! (lettuce is in a tub) and Rob played guitar while we all worked..all sounds great doesn't it? and so it was!
I've updated the planting plan so check out what's in and what's out in the garden by clicking on the link to the right of this page.
We'll be there next Sunday 2pm so why not join us?


  1. So why did you harvest the garlic?

  2. I thought they wouldn't get any bigger and Maggie didn't stop me!
    I will read "No dig gardening" before I consider harvesting in the future.
    Bit silly really, won't happen again..I promise!


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