Sunday, 18 April 2010

Building a base for our butt

We had a very productive day today!
  • Installed water butt (work in progress) :Eddy and James
  • Planted Sarpo and Avona potatoes      :Noel and Janet
  • Planted Lettuce, Onions and Chives     :Jennifer and Jen
  • Made a groovy "dig as long as you like bed" for the little ones : Claire, Jacob and Arianne
  • Kept the beds watered : Jude and Jude's sister
  • Kept the troops watered, encouraged and found an excellent bird table!: Maggie 
Janet enjoying a cuppa after spud planting!

You wouldn't think it would take 2 hours to balance a butt on a plank , would you? (It would have taken another hour without Eddie!) Thanks to Claire for the searing logic that enabled the butt to be fitted at the lowest end of the gutter.

Jude calculating how far one tea bag will go round!

Thanks to Nick and Sarah for donations of plants, much appreciated!
On Wednesday we still need to rabbit proof small bed, start ideas for herb spiral/centrepiece, water beds
try to locate water standpipe. See you then!

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  1. Plants donated indirectly by Willoughby Gardening Club


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