Thursday, 15 April 2010

Wednesday update

This afternoon had a quick chat with Mr Scott, one of the owners of the bungalow on Crowtree Lane that we've been helping ourselves to water to from the butt in their garden...he was really helpful and gave me some unwanted tools including an excellent square sieve thingy which we can use to sieve things with! any suggestions?
They kindly gave me another water butt that I've placed at the end of the small run of guttering near the gardens, it will need a bit more work on Sunday to make it secure. I also claimed the bag of freshly mown grass cuttings that they had produced and spread a thin layer on the beds. They said the bungalow is up for sale soon but that they would sort out any other gardening type stuff for us if they find as they empty the garage and shed.
Broad beans are appearing! so gave them some more water as reward for their efforts. Thanks to Ros for turning up and helping to finish off while I went to another meeting.
See you Sunday

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  1. We really need access to water for the beans etc so good news about the water butt. More planting on Sunday then with lettuce and potatoes. We can also start the spiral herb garden by marking out the outer circle. Reclaimed bricks or similar could form the spiral is anyone has some or knows of any.


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