Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Magic Water Butt!

Arrived this afternoon to a marvellous sight the huge water butt that we temporarily installed at the
end of the guttering last Sunday was brim full of's a miracle! Had I imagined that it would fill so quickly  I probably wouldn't have wheel barrowed 25 litres of H2O from my house quarter of a mile away.
Anyway Eddie watered some of the crops while I dug some soil to pin the netting over the strawberries, Maggie fetched some discarded bricks from GBM to make a start on the herb spiral. It was a good day for scavenging as Maggie managed to get some old plant pots and sheet plastic to make mini poly tunnel over the cauliflower plants. I found some green plastic tiling on the soil heap that would make excellent pathways for when the grass turns muddy. Sorry no pictures to share this time, forgot the camera!
See you Sunday

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  1. Those water butt things are amazing aren't they and chlorine free unlike our drinking water.
    When making your mini polytunnel make sure there is plenty of ventilation. If the tunnel is just a sheet of plastic with no holes then make lots of holes in it or leave the ends open.
    I have killed a whole crop of tomatoes once by making a mini sauna instead of a mini green house!
    If you want to give plants some protection then fleece and blue water tube is great.I hear those people at MPIG might have some spare.
    First sweetcorn are emerging on our windowsill for LCFG.


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