Thursday, 8 April 2010

Onions in!

We planted out the onions last night

Nick lifting turf from one new bed and placing it on a cardboard base, which will rot down to form another one. Biff constructing 3 new raised surrounds. These are extra beds to the original plan and will need barrow filling with the top soil nearby before we decide what to plant in them.

First attempt at rabbit proofing one of the smaller beds.

We also spread out a good quantity of high quality organic pony poo! See you Sunday for some more planting out and thoughts on centrepiece herb spiral thingy

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  1. I have dropped off six shallot plants in the rabbit proof bed for planting in the onion bed.
    Plant them firmly at the same depth they are in the modules. Sorry I forgot the piece about the herb spiral, maybe someone else has some experience of building them? Have fun tomorrow.


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