Sunday, 25 April 2010

Mosaic marvel!

The mosaic gang put together a lovely picture made up of broken tiles ,beads and teapot scraps!.
The rest of us barrowed more top soil for the herb spiral (which we're going to assemble once the soil has settled down) and the furthest central bed for which we intend to make a mini poly tunnel for salad crops. The broad beans are coming on nicely. We planted the selection of brassica that Maggie brought along last week in the other small square bed and erected a bunny proof fence around it.We planted 6 seed potatoes that someone had kindly donated and then gave everything a good watering.
It was very warm and an ideal day for picnics and play!

Thanks to everyone who helped out today, hope you enjoyed yourselves!

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  1. Really like the mosaic magic. I shall bring more tiles to smash!
    It will soon be two weeks since we planted lettuce seeds so time for another row or two soon. Do rabbits like courgettes? We shall soon know!


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