Thursday, 1 April 2010

What to do next

So we have early potatoes planted, broad beans sown, onion sets about to go in
and there are several sorts of lettuce growing in modules which can be planted out when they are big enough.

We have decided it is a little late to get a decent crop of Garlic so shall plant that in the Autumn.
Soon sweetcorn, runner beans and squash can be sown inside ready to be planted out after the frosts.
So next jobs are to plant onion sets and sow a couple of lines of leek seeds to be transplanted in the summer (once the early potatoes have been harvested). These could be sown at the ends of the onion bed.
Another thing we need to do is make contact with someone who can provide some good organic matter we can use to feed our soil. Rotted horse manure would be good.

Seeing as though we have been so productive we may as well plant up the extra beds we have dug. They are quite course so will be good for potatoes or for planting larger plants into. How about some main crop Sarpo Axona blight resistant potatoes in one, and fill the rest with a good range of pumpkins and Squash?


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    Transition Ealing seem to be doing something similar.

  2. I have managed to obtain some well rotted horse manure, planning to collect it tomorrow, I'll get as much as will fit in back of needs a clean anyway!


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